bald head island

The Legend of Theodosia

Thoedosia was the daughter of Aaron Burr (Yep Hamilton fans, That Aaron Burr) and the wife of South Carolina governor Joseph Alston. Mysteriously, the ship she was on disappeared in 1812. She had been sailing from Charleston to New York, and it is believed the ship may have been attacked by pirates. So the story goes, her portrait was washed up on the shore of Bald Head Island on North Carolina’s coast, but Theodosia was never found.

I moved to The City

I moved to The City.  I've now learned that is how I should refer to it going forward.  New York is a place I had only visited once & never planned on living in.  Now I think it was made for me.  Like everyone does who goes.  Or I was made for it, rather.  This time of my life was carved out for this little, big island.  Who knew?

Slowly but surely I'm discovering more of it.  It's everything I thought I would miss about living abroad, but in English.  It's like had to prove myself, in Europe, & now New York accepts me. Maybe it's just cool because so many songs & movies & books were written about it.  Maybe it's cool because so many famous people are here. Either way, it's pretty cool.  

New York was the first place I really traveled without my family.  And to be honest, I didn't love the idea of staying longer than a visit.  I didn't realize that was the beginning of so much.  My first time in a hostel, with the windows open in November because the heater was stuck on high. And we smiled when the sirens kept us awake.  "So New York!" We said.  Like we knew anything.  

More significantly - to me anyway - that flight to New York was the plane ride that I was seated next to a stranger who turned out not to be a stranger at all, but someone who knew my name, knew my story, and my family, and my dad.  And she was reading the Happiness Project.  And I, 48 Days to the Work You Love.  So maybe* it's all meant to be.


*Disregard term.