Spring & guitar strings

This camera makes everything look legit!  That's not even a recipe that's just some vegetable strewn across a counter!

Spring is here.  Please don't look to closely at that guitar brand - it says 'Givson', so.  But it has strings! And I can tune it using nail clippers for one of the missing pegs! And it appeared to me, a sweet gift from a stranger and it was just what I needed.  Couldn't spare the space to bring one, couldn't spare the money to buy one for just a year here. And then there it was in my locker at work. The gifts in life you don't even ask for are the best kind. Or maybe I did somehow, beg for it in my dreams, calling out 'accio instrument!' silently from my soul.  I sound a tad dramatic.  I've only played it a handful of times.  Sometimes that's all you need.  I've heard my neighbor start rapping since I started playing.  Maybe we can start an R&B duo.