Springtime in Holland

Usually the Netherlands evokes in me that moody dutch coziness that is found in their famously dark and beautiful paintings: smoky landscapes, brooding still lifes, and early morning kitchen scenes. Gemütlichkeit - a space or state of warmth and friendliness. Coziness, peace of mind, belonging. But this weekend was different.  The famous blooms paired with capricious blue sky and bright sunshine was such a contrast to the the last time I was here in the cozy autumn.

Zipping on the train past dutch windmills and fields striped with colors hard to believe are completely natural and straight from the brown dusty dirt.  Passing by my mother's favorite dutch town, Haarlem, and rolling through the Haarlem train platform - one of the oldest stations in the Netherlands.

I'm not sure how those pink frosty-tipped tulips are possible, but I think they might be my new favorite.

Riding in a train car right across a dutch landscape painting - putting it down as another one of those moments I never thought I would experience in person.