Almost Spring in Zurich

Driving across Switzerland alongside Lake Geneva practically the entire way was the perfect road trip.  Zurich seems to me to be a city that has perfected dancing the line between honoring history and innovating in the modern day.  Free walking tours win in every city across Europe, but in Zurich they gave us free fondue and chocolate! Apparently the Swiss give away Heroin to its addicts as part of treatment, so fondue was the least they could do.  I was in definite need of fondue withdrawal treatment after this weekend, but with contrasting weight difference you might expect of a heroin addict. We were told that the church with the two towers was constructed on the very spot where two saints were beheaded and then proceeded to carry their own heads to that very spot.  And the statue with the woman in armor above the city wall is in honor of the towns-women who suited up when the army was away, fooling an incoming enemy to turn right back around.  

A beautiful day in the city.

Interlaken, Switzerland

Knowing that the 50mm is the portrait lens, I was a little worried about how it would do with landscapes.  Boy did that thing not disappoint.  The inability to zoom in or out and the small crop of the frame didn't hinder it at all, and I fell in love with this lens more and more each click.

Deciding to rent a car for four of us instead of paying 190 per ticket for the train system (which I'm sure is amazing if you can afford it) was the best decision we could have made.  We were able to stop along the side of the road at any little view or moment we passed.  We were able to detour to towns & castles just by plugging them into the gps.  We were able to pile our stuff into the trunk and jam to music with windows down.  And everywhere we went we were looking up and down and out at beautiful landscapes & scenery.  Switzerland is. a. dream.  Such a friendly, beautiful, green, clean and fresh country. I've wished I could live in many locations now, but Switzerland is a country I would seriously pick up and move to tomorrow.

What is it about mountains?  So dramatic, so undeniable, so out of place, almost, popping up out of flat valleys. So trying to tell me something.  So I lift up my eyes.

Happy Day, Earth!