by The Greenwich Village of the 60's

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I took a stroll down Bleeker street to reminisce on this decade in music's history.  The neighborhood of the first singer/songwriters. The home of the birth of mainstream fold music. They were to first and the few - how strange to think of now that the genre seems so saturated.  Before the 60's, in the industry there were singers and there were song writers.  Never both. Now the kids were doing both, on their own, with strong political and social themes driving their lyrics.  And people couldn't get enough.  They lived together, they played together. Artists like Bob Dylan and Carly Simon got their start in places like the Washington Square park fountain when it was turned off on Sundays, and playing for the passed around basket money at the Gas Light Poetry Cafe. Which is now an Insomnia Cookies. How sad is that? Delicious.  But sad.

You can still walk around the village and feel it though.  The buildings still dark and quaint. The streets still small and quiet, with NYU students carrying laundry bags. Musicians carrying their instruments on their backs in cases.  

To really get into the feel of the time period and to further romanticize the struggling artist portrait :

              Watch:  A netflix documentary on this very topic
                          Inside Llewyn Davis - A Coen brothers movie.  Little tip: Llewyn is the cat.
Enjoy this little moment below.  #James&Carlyforever The way she looks at him...

Image via  Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Nobody had guitar cases, you just carried your instrument around the village. Cases were not a thing.
— paraphrasing - watch the documentary!