The Huffington Post Projects

During my 6 month Fellowship at Huffpost, I worked with other designers and producers to rebrand all of the Huffington Post podcasts.  

MicrosofT Europe Projects 

I had the amazing opportunity to move from North Carolina to work as an intern for Microsoft Europe in Brussels, Belgium for one year.  During that time, I went through the most intense education of my life on every level possible; in career & life, culturally & emotionally. 

Below are some of the designs and work that I and the Microsoft Europe team worked hard to put together in 2014 - 2015.  My main focuses included keeping the recently rebranded  (2012) Microsoft true to the Brand Guidelines using many resources the Brand Tools package offered me, and expanding upon that to bring together the new Microsoft look.  During this time I wrote, designed, and troubleshooted on Wordpress to bring a brand new Europe Microsoft News Centre to life.  Please click and explore the slideshow below.

Other Projects


My love for storytelling has always had a auditory side.  In this digital age, visual and audio are the perfect duo to tell a complete story.  In the past I've had fun writing & recording Ads for radio & online, in class & for internships, as well as co-hosting a morning talk show for our college radio station - #1 in the nation (2012)!